A mini analysis of the infamous Archie’s comics. (Sexist???)


Books have been around for centuries. Novels, poetry, literature, fiction, self-help and almost anything else under the sun, as they are, after all, one of the quickest ways to spread knowledge and entertainment or simply a message to a large and varied number of people. A relatively newer addition to the seemingly never-ending list is the genre of comics. Filled with illustrations, more than the words, which are few, the pictures tell the story. Amongst this exciting new genre, is a rather well known type of comic book known as the ‘Archie’s comics’

The comics first debut, in December 1941, took the world by storm, fast becoming an international phenomena. These books proceeded to be sold in several different countries, thereby reaching a vast number of people.

While it is highly unlikely that the creators of these comics were misogynistic fiends, there is undoubtedly the presence of sexist implications…

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Aji Amarillo (Peru)

Aji Amarillo è una cultivar di peperoncino della specie Capsicum baccarum, originaria del Peru. Molto popolare nella cucina peruviana, viene utilizzato nella preparazione di piatti come il “ceviche…

Source: Aji Amarillo (Peru)

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The classical inverse function theorem reads as follows:

Theorem 1 ($latex {C^1}&fg=000000$ inverse function theorem) Let $latex {\Omega \subset {\bf R}^n}&fg=000000$ be an open set, and let $latex {f: \Omega \rightarrow {\bf R}^n}&fg=000000$ be an continuously differentiable function, such that for every $latex {x_0 \in \Omega}&fg=000000$, the derivative map $latex {Df(x_0): {\bf R}^n \rightarrow {\bf R}^n}&fg=000000$ is invertible. Then $latex {f}&fg=000000$ is a local homeomorphism; thus, for every $latex {x_0 \in \Omega}&fg=000000$, there exists an open neighbourhood $latex {U}&fg=000000$ of $latex {x_0}&fg=000000$ and an open neighbourhood $latex {V}&fg=000000$ of $latex {f(x_0)}&fg=000000$ such that $latex {f}&fg=000000$ is a homeomorphism from $latex {U}&fg=000000$ to $latex {V}&fg=000000$.

It is also not difficult to show by inverting the Taylor expansion

$latex \displaystyle f(x) = f(x_0) + Df(x_0)(x-x_0) + o(\|x-x_0\|)&fg=000000$

that at each $latex {x_0}&fg=000000$, the local inverses $latex {f^{-1}: V \rightarrow U}&fg=000000$ are also differentiable at $latex {f(x_0)}&fg=000000$ with derivative

$latex \displaystyle Df^{-1}(f(x_0)) =…

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Team Python

Okay, so you have “registered an interest” or pre-ordered or even (lucky few) ordered an RPi. It’s time to get together the stuff you’ll need.

1. A screen. The most obvious choice is a TV with an HDMI input.

2. A usb mouse. If you don’t have a spare around, why not treat yourself to a new one – you’re worth it!

3. A usb keyboard. Again, you may have a spare. I’ve ordered a small one, for portability.

4. An ethernet cable. For the web!

5. An operating system. I’m still not quite sure if the Pi is going to ship with one at this early stage. There are lots of places where you can find instructions for setting up your SD card. So far Debian and Arch are available to download via the RPi site. Which brings me to:

6. An SD card. The OS images are…

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Team Python

How to use RacyPy or WaryPy.

1. Download the .iso.

2. Download and install DVD Decrypter (or use you favourite .iso burning software).

3. Right click on the .iso file and choose “Burn with DVD Decrypter.

4. Reboot your PC. It should boot from the CD, if it doesn’t do this by default, look for a message telling you what to press for boot options (often F2 or F9).

5. That’s it.


To run WaryPy in Virtual Box.

1. Download WaryPy.vdi.

2. Download and install VirtualBox.

3. Start VirtualBox. Choose “new”.

4. Follow the instructions on screen and choose “Linux” and Linux 2.6.

5. Choose “use existing hard disk” and find the .vdi file.

6. Start your new virtual machine.


Since Liz posted on the RPi homepage about this LiveCD, I’ve had a lot of hits on the blog. Quite a few people have asked about…

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