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C Programming Quiz

This quiz consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. Please use the answer sheet at the end to enter the appropriate answer for each question (T, F, A, B, C etc).

1. The following pseudocode is an example of __________.
if conditionA is true then
if conditionB is true then
perform actions
A) a nested conditional structure
B) a simple conditional structure
C) a nested if-else-if conditional structure
D) none of the above

2. __________ is the standard symbol for representing a conditional structure in flowcharts?
A) diamond (or rhombus)
B) rectangle
C) circle
D) arrow

3. Which of the following is not a conditional operator in C?
A) !=
B) =
C) <
D) >

4. In C coded programs it is a syntax error to not properly indent code in nested conditional statements.
T) True
F) False

5. The following pseudocode is an example of __________.
if conditionA is true then
perform actionsA
perform actionsA
A) a simple conditional structure
B) an error in logic (semantic error)
C) Both of the above

6. Which of the following is equivalent to not ( a < b ) ?
A) a < b
B) a = b
C) a > b
D) a >= b

7. Which of the following is equivalent to ( x < 3 ) ?
A) not ( x >= 3 )
B) not ( x = 3 )
C) not ( x > 3 )
D) not ( x <= 3 )

8. What is the output of the following pseudocode? (Assume the user enters 21 and all output is displayed on the same line)
input myNumber
if myNumber > 4 then
display myNumber
increase myNumber by 1
display myNumber
A) 21
B) 2121
C) 2122
D) 2222

9. If P is true, Q is false and R is true which of the following expressions is false?
A) P or ( Q and R )
B) P or Q and R
C) P and Q or R
D) P and ( Q or R )
E) None of the above

10. The following C coded conditional statement is an example of __________.
if ( (age <= 17) && (age >= 21) ) {
printf(“Hello Customer!\n”);
A) a switch structure
B) a nested conditional statement
C) a semantic error
D) None of the above

11. The switch/case structure is a better alternative to __________ structures.
A) if-then-if
B) if-else-if
C) all nested conditional structures
D) if-then-if structures, but only when discrete logic paths have to be taken.

12. What will be the output of the following C coded program?
customerAge = 43;
if ( (customerAge <= 21) )
printf(“%d “, customerAge);
printf(“Hi “);
A) customer!
B) Hi customer!
C) 43 Hi customer!
D) None of the above

13. A __________ coded in C contains no main() function.
A) software library
B) function definition
C) function declaration
D) None of the above; all C coded programs must have a main() function.

14. printf() and scanf() are examples of programmer defined functions.
T) True
F) False

15. The following C statement is an example of a __________.
float convertToUSD(float, float);
A) Standard C Library function
B) function definition
C) function prototype
D) None of the above

16. A function is a(n) __________ program component that __________ some functionality which can be __________ without necessarily knowing its implementation details.
A) small, implements, hidden
B) complex, hides, reused
C) unknown, promotes, developed
D) stand-alone, encapsulates, reused

17. Which of the following statements is true?
A) Functions must always have input parameters.
B) Functions are ideal for promoting parallel implementation of a complex software system.
C) Functions make debugging extremely difficult since they require completion of the whole implementation before testing them.
D) Good function names are unimportant as long as good variables names as used.

18. sizeof is a valid name for a programmer defined function coded in C.
T) True
F) False

19. A function documentation prologue (aka routine level comments) is a form of internal documentation. The least amount of information it should include is:
A) description of the functions purpose in one or two sentences
B) description of the functions input parameters
C) description of the functions output data
D) all of above

20. __________ programming enables programmers to break complex systems into manageable components.
A) Structured
B) Division
C) Application
D) None of the above”


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