photo manipulation with GIMP,sort of ‘speed up’ tutorial trying to convert it into a painting. original downloaded from; author:inarizoo. songs: -drift off to sleep_micah p hinson. -gravity_a perfect circle. final image at: made with gimp 2.4.2 under ubuntu studio 7.10. **UPDATE** normal speed videos uploaded,see responses


Gmail Gets Multiple Inboxes

Google added a new feature to Gmail Labs today: Multiple Inboxes. Created as a 20% time project by Google’s Octavian Costache, this new feature allows you to expand your standard Gmail inbox with additional panes. The name ‘Multiple Inboxes’ is misleading, however. In reality, this new feature gives you something akin to multi-pane viewing, with your main inbox on the left and up to nine other ‘inboxes’ on the right. These additional inboxes can display anything from searches, to mail with a specific label or from a certain sender.