[Phoronix] Sapphire Radeon HD 4550 512MB Review


The ATI Radeon HD 4550 is only half the width of a standard PCI Express graphics card, which allows it to fit nicely within low-profile systems for HTPCs and other small form factor computers (such as within the SilverStone Milo enclosures). The cooler atop this graphics card is just a small aluminum heatsink with a two-wire fan. The heatsink is secured to the graphics card via two pushpins in opposing corners. ATI’s Radeon HD 4550 graphics card uses the RV710 core and its reference frequency is 600MHz. The memory on this graphics card isn’t cooled by any heatsink. The 512MB DDR3 memory used on this graphics card is manufactured by Samsung with a part number of K4W1G1646D-EJ11 and is rated for a maximum frequency of 900MHz. There are two Samsung memory ICs on both sides of the graphics card PCB.

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