SciGraphica Homepage – Scientific Graphics and Data Manipulation

SciGraphica is a scientific application for data analysis and technical graphics. It pretends to be a clone of the popular commercial (and expensive) application “Microcal Origin”. It fully supplies plotting features for 2D, 3D and polar charts. The aim is to obtain a fully-featured, cross-plattform, user-friendly, self-growing scientific application. It is free and open-source, released under the GPL license.


Gourmet Recipe Manager

Gourmet Recipe Manager

Gourmet Recipe Manager is a simple but powerful recipe-managing application. Gourmet is intended for the GNOME desktop environment, but works on any platform that gtk supports, including windows.

Gourmet allows you to collect, search and organize your recipes, and to automatically generate shopping lists from your collection. The latest version also allows you to calculate nutritional information for your recipes using the USDA food database (or entering custom information by hand)

Generating Gaussian Random Numbers, Taygeta Scientific Inc.

From the page: “This note is about the topic of generating Gaussian pseudo-random numbers given a source of uniform pseudo-random numbers. This topic comes up more frequently than I would have expected, so I decided to write this up on one of the best ways to do this. At the end of this note there is a list of references in the literature that are relevant to this topic. You can see some code examples that implement the technique, and a step-by-step example for generating Weibull distributed random numbers.”