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Eduardo De Filippo, often called simply Eduardo (May 24, 1900 – October 31, 1984) was an Italian actor, playwright, screenwriter, author and poet. He is most well-known for his work in Neapolitan like Filumena Marturano, though he also directed numerous films in Italian such as Napoli Milionaria!.

Born in Naples, De Filippo began acting at the age of 5 and in 1932 formed a theater company with his brother Peppino and sister Titina. Peppino left the troupe in 1944 and Titina departed by the early 1950s. Eduardo starred in De Sica’s L’oro di Napoli with Totò and Sophia Loren in 1954. His translation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest into Neapolitan was published in 1982.